Blade and Soul (KR) Item and Skill System 2.0 Update

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Blade and Soul (KR) Item and Skill System 2.0 update just went live on the Test Server, a game-changing patch featuring item upgrade, the skill system version 2.0 and the profession tweaks. This patch should be meant to keep players busy before “White and Blue Mountain” launches.


1.Item Upgrade
Senior level Items with blue colour, including weapons, necklaces, rings and earrings, can be upgraded for higher states.

Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul


Upgrade Process
+ 1~5 Upgrading
+ 6 Will need limit breaking item (Stone + Weapon Required)
+ 6~10 Upgrade Again
+ 10 Revolution Limit Break (Need Revolution Stone + Epic or Rare Required Depending on Weapon Type)
+ 11 Upgrade Again for Level 1 Higher Tier


Blade and Soul

Above is a weapon upgrade process. Below is a accessory upgrade process.

2.Item Transform
With this function, players can get more complicated item by transforming other items.

Blade and Soul

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