The NA/EU Server Is Calling all Blade & Soul Cosplayers!

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In order to promote the launch of Blade and Soul NA/EU in this winter, NCsoft has kicked off an event that recruits talented coplayers. If you are interested in acting a Blade and Soul character, it's a good chance for you to show your cosplay works!


They know that many talented cosplayers out there have expertly crafted some of their costume designs and shown them off at conventions and events across the globe. Now Blade and Soul NA/EU wants to showcase these beautiful works of cosplay to all their fans, old and new.


Blade and Soul NA/EU wants to create a collection of all this amazing work on their Facebook pages, and they need your help!

If you have a Blade & Soul cosplay and are happy for us to upload it to the official Blade & Soul Facebook Page, then please send it to them at and they’ll upload it to share with all our fans.

Please make sure to include the following in your email:

Display name (The name you are happy for us to put in the description)
A link to your portfolio, FB page or web gallery (whichever you prefer)

Stay tuned for more news about Blade and Soul NA/EU!

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