Blade and Soul KR Promotion Events for White and Blue Mountain Update

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To welcome White and Blue Mountain update, the super big Blade and Soul update, PlayNC Korea has planned several promotion events. One is a special chicken promotion. If you were to order chicken for lunch or dinner, you will get 14 days of Blade and Soul time free along with a lot of awesome items and a leveling up package. Nene Chicken will also reward players a "Treasure Box" that has random chance of dropping a Legendary Weapon upon opening! For more information, you can check out the KR official website on June 26th.


Another thrilling event is the 3rd Soul Party in Seol, on June 22nd, which will release more details of this super big update, most likely the released date. There will be fan-art exhibitions, performances, K-pop singers for the 3rd Soul Party. If players in KR server were so lucky to get a “GM special invitation” randomly send by in-game mail on June 14th, they can attend the party and allowed to bring a friend with them.


PlayNC Korea just pushed some of the new content in the client launcher, so that the downloads does not become congested on release day. Rumors are saying that the big patch is scheduled to go live on June 26th.


Source: Plaync; Steparu

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