Blade and Soul (KR) White and Blue Mountain Update Will Launch on June 26th

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The Korea official website of Blade and Soul just released the launch date of White and Blue Mountain with a handful of new artwork and posters!

Yes, the new content will be implemented on June 26th! Wait, I feel so familiar with this date. Ah, Aion 4.0 will also launch on the same date into NA server!

OK, go back to this super big update of BS~ How big is this update exactly? New Skill Revisions 2.0, Upgrading System, New Dungeons, New Level Cap, New Story Chapters, Instanced Dungeons, PvP Areas, and pretty much anything you can think of. If I live in Seol, I definitely order Nene Chicken on that day, which I post several days ago, a promotion event!

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