Only 7 Hours Level up from 45 to 50 in Blade and Soul 2.0?

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White and Blue Mountains update has launched in Blade and Soul Korea server with level cap to 50. Before its launch, the developer said “It would take 100 t0 150 hours leveling up from 45 to 50”. However, a player just took seven hours!

According to Inven’s report, this player’s class is Force Master. He or she forced on cleaning up all the main storyline quests and a few sub quests with the location near the storyline. The player also felt boring that using Qing Gong a lot because Jiang Liu City is too large.

When reach level 48, players will receive the main storyline quest, Chapter 4, Act 19, which players need to choose Hong Mun skill or “Evil Skill” (마도신공, or 魔道神功). If you choose Hong Mun skill, the Evil Outfit will burn out and all the players on Evil outfit becomes your enemy. This player chose “Evil Skill”. Do you like the outfit?

When you level up to 50, it is not easy to learn “Ultimate Evil Skill” which needs a kind of special skill book. That player said he or she did not have time to farm it.

Skill Book Locked

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