Blade & Soul Irontech Forge Is Live Now

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A new update of Blade & Soul is live today. This update brings many features and refinements, including the new Irontech Forge dungeon, gear changes, and an overhaul of the gem system. Irontech Forge is a new 6-member Normal and Hard mode dungeon for level 50 characters arriving in this update. 

Hidden beneath the ruins of the Celestial Basin, the Irontech Forge is both a Soulstone mine and an advanced research center for bio-mechanical weapons. It secretly served the Talus Dominion for years until a group of rebellious workers, calling themselves the Iron Army took it over and broke all ties with Zaiwei.


In this dungeon, you will help the ousted Chief Administrator, Jang Hansol to fight through legions of advanced automatons, soldiers in augmented mech. suits, and the Forge’s hideous cyborg prototypes before facing the new administrator, Yoong, the Chief Mechanizer. 

This dungeon provides new rewards including Blackstone, Transcendence Engine, Divine Grace Stone, Unchallenged and Ambition costumes.

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