Blade and Soul 2.0: Which Road to Take, Hong Mun or Evil?

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At the end of Blade and Soul 1.0, the last chapter of So-wul Plain, our character will be forced to choose “Evil Skill” (마도신공, or 魔道神功) by Mushin.

As Blade and Soul 2.0 (White and Blue Mountains Update) launches, players will receive a quest to go back to Hong Mun. This time you have to choose which road to take. Your decision will affect the future in the game. Just like choosing a force, you will be the enemy of all Hong Mun disciples if you put on Evil outfit.
On April 17th’s update, “Evil Skill” can grow from the 1st to the 4th level. In 2.0, Hong Mun Skill and “Evil Skill” both extend to 10th level. If you have been the 4th level of “Evil Skill”, it will turn to the same level of Hong Mun Skill after your choosing.

Which one to choose?
In Chapter 19 of main stoyline, you will go to Bailing Temple with Hong Mun dobok, where players make your decision. Players will face two censers. If you choose Hong Mun, go right and light the incense with Hong Mun dobok. If you choose “Evil”, go left to burn the Hong Mun dobok.

What’s the difference between them? If you choose Hong Mun, you will go through all storyline. You can gain XP from the 30th chapter, the final chapter.


If you choose “Evil Skill”, the storyline will stop at the dialogue with Mushin, when usually players are Level 48 or 49. You must gain XP by doing daily quests and the sub quests in White and Blue Mountains. So it is not hard to upgrade to Level 50.


Here video is from Steparu TV, the super long ending and final battle if you decide to walk the path of light instead of darkness.


In Hong Mun road, you should level up faster than “Evil”. Except the final chapter, you need to farm three bosses from three instances first to receive a quest of the most difficulty instance. Please notice that you should team up with the players from the same forces. Otherwise, the quest can’t be finished.

In the final chapter, you farewell to all the disples and old master, then get a new Hong Mun dobok and a piece of headcloth. See the picture below.

As to “Evil” road, you will get “Evil” outfit as soon as your choice done. When you reach Level 50, you have a quest of four major instances. After that, you can farm the most difficulty instance.

But, there is a chance to go back Hong Mun. Only one time. Once you decide go back Hong Mun, you can’t choose “Evil” road again.

You can exchange a kind of wine, 魔魂酒 in Red Leafe Villa(红叶山庄) with 10 gold + 10 advanced fined stone + 10 advanced black magic stone or buy it in the auction house.

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