Blade and Soul to Release Shadows of the Innocents Update July 20

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NCSoft has announced the next content expansion “Shadows of the Innocents” for Blade & Soul, which is set to hit live servers on July 20th. The content includes Acts 5 and 6 that continues the story line after the fall of the Dark Lord as well as the three new heroic dungeons that needs players to party with others. Gloomdross Incursion is available in 4-and-6 player modes, while Twisted Grimhorn Wilds is a 24-player instanced dungeon.


Heroic Dungeons 1: shattered masts

Team up with the Vice Admiral herself to save Admiral Haemujin from the dark chi corruption.
Available in 4- and 6-player modes.


Heroic Dungeons 2: Gloomdross Incursion

Defeat summoned demons in the instanced dungeon Gloomdross Incursion.
Available in 4- and 6-player modes.


Heroic Dungeons 3: Twisted Grimhorn Wilds

Black pillars spawn demonic creatures in the Twisted Grimhorn Wilds, a 24-player


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