Blade and Soul 2.0 an Awesome Sword with Attack 372

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Blade and Soul 2.0 (White and Blue Mountains Update) has a brand new weapon upgrade system which has to compose required items for a higher level. You can click here to know the upgrade process.

From Blade and Soul KR official website, a player shared the latest weapon with attack 372. It would be the weapon with the highest state of attack. This sword was composed by Level 10 weapon from Snowman Cave and Level 10 weapon dropped from You Ran. Then it upgraded to level 10 to have attack 372, while the Level 3 Legendary Weapon’s attack is 353.

It said that the awesome sword cost 60,000 gold in game, which is much less than the cost of Level 2 Legendary Weapon.

The buff of this sword:

  • lasts for 30 seconds
  • + attack 100
  • Crit 100%
  • disappears once the attack has been cast 5 times

Thanks Aspenach 's help in translation.

Source: Plaync; 17173

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