'Meet the Team' Series Unveils the Progress of Blade and Soul NA/EU

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In the Meet the Team series, Blade and Soul NA/EU team will introduce you to the various members of staff working on bringing Blade and Soul to the West. They've introduced their Senior Community Manager, one of our Creative Writers, Producer and French Community Manager, Game Support Manager and Senior Brand Manager. In these aricles, we can learn a lot about the progress of Blade and Soul NA/EU. 


How does your role help bring Blade & Soul to the west?

Mark Hulmes, Senior Community Manager: A big part of my role is going to be focused on feedback and making sure that what our fans are saying gets back to the development and executive teams. Feedback is really important to me and I've always seen the Community Manager role as a liaison with fans, not just for the company to the players but for the players to the company. This has involved me stalking a lot of fansites (hi, Blade & Soul Dojo posters!) and monitoring conversations about Blade & Soul as well, helping the publishing and development teams make the Western release the best it can be.

I'm also going to be sharing all the awesome content that our fans create and events they organize once folks can start getting involved and playing Blade & Soul.

Brett Jaxel, creative writer of localization team: Along with the other writers, I am responsible for writing and re-writing all of the text that will appear in the North American English version of the game including everything from location names and character names to dialogue and quest summaries.

As writers, our goal is to provide the best in-game experience for any and all players. We also want to ensure that Blade & Soul isn't simply "translated" into English, but is presented in a way that will be accessible to all western players while simultaneously preserving the unique East Asian setting and lore of the game. The world of Blade & Soul is a unique setting of incredible beauty and broad possibilities. Our job is to fill that world with fully realized characters, diversity, humor, drama, and goals that carry meaning. When your level 30 Gon Kung Fu Master breaks into a pirate stronghold, we want to ensure there is a purpose and meaning driving the action. We also want our pirates to be entertaining and world appropriate. We want every experience to be an entertaining one that leaves players yearning for more.


Akli "Youmukon" Amichi, Community Manager: My main role for Blade & Soul is to be the link between the Community of Blade & Soul and our different teams scattered around the World at NCSOFT.

Jonathan Lien, Assistant Producer: A little bit of everything—gather and analyze feedback, build test plans, work with development, plan our strategies, and of course play the game!

Cesar Gatica, Support Manager: I get the best of both worlds; I get to influence the direction of the game while working closely with the community which may not be necessarily unique but I do enjoy a lot. Right now as we’re in preparation mode a lot of my time is spent in planning meetings, reviewing tools and the game and requesting changes.

Sean Corcoran, Senior Brand Manager: Right now, I am very busy with planning the promotions and assets for our lead up to closed beta and the launch of Blade & Soul.


Is there anything you want the Blade & Soul fans out there to know?

Mark Hulmes: Honestly, I'm so excited for you to get your hands on the Western release of Blade & Soul. I know many of you have been waiting patiently and I just want to say that it's going to be worth it. Everyone on the team is 100% committed to making this the best regional launch ever. I simply can't wait!

Brett Jaxel: While naming the locations, item, and NPCs of the world of Blade & Soul we came up with several amusing names (at least I found them amusing). Through the voting and feedback process, several of these made it into the game such as "Ploggles" (a race of frog-like creatures), "Grassquatch" (a grassy sasquatch… as one might expect), "Justa Cave" (a cavern that may or may not hold an underground fighting ring), and "The Merry Potters" (a crafting guild that specializes in pottery). The "Tree Fellers" is our name for the woodcutters' gathering guild, just barely beating out other suggestions such as "Wood You Believe", "We're Stumped", and "Gituda Choppers". A few other honorable mentions that didn't quite become our final guild names include: "For the Halibut" (fish guild), "Boulder Dash" (mason's guild), "Herbin' Legends" (herbalist guild), "Nice to Meat You" (hunter's guild), "Stoke Blokes" (coalminer's guild), and "We Can Dig It", "The Underminers", "Totally Loded (mining guild)."


Akli Amichi: I'm really looking forward to the release of Blade & Soul in the West. I know that many players have been waiting for years… but I have been waiting as well! I would like to thank again our most loyal fans that went through lot of hurdles in order to play Blade & Soul on Asian servers. That shows how dedicated and passionate they are about our game.

Jonathan Lien: I want them to know that we are listening carefully to their feedback and are taking the utmost care to make this the best possible experience for our players.

Cesar Gatica: I hope to see you in game and have a blast!

Sean Corcoran: I’m very excited to be launching this game in the West, and I hope to see you in game!

Do you feel excited after reading the article, we believe that this winter Blade and Soul NA/EU will give MMO world a big surprise!

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