Blade and Soul 2.0 Floating Island --- A Place to Gain XP

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Three days after Blade and Soul 2.0 (White and Blue Mountains Update) being live on the Korean server, some players had upgraded to the max level (level 10) of the skill (Evil skill or Hong Mun skill). NCsoft regarded it ruins the process of the game, and lower the XP rate in many instances through several urgent maintenances. For example, an instance with thousands of XP now just has hundreds of XP.

How do players level up Hongmun/Evil Skill? There are 10 levels for each skill and players will require more than 900,000 XP for each level! The main quests and sub quests from Level 45 to 60 is just more than 600,000, which is not enough for one level upgrading of the skill. If you finish all the daily quests, which costs an average player 3 hours per day, you will just get 250,000 XP. As I mention at the very beginning, XP from raid becomes so little. What can players do?

Floating Island comes into players’ sight. In the previous article, the Floating Island is a new place for PvP, where players have to wear a force outfit. There are many monsters with high HP and high damage. A normal monster has about 160 XP, while a boss monster with 80,000 or 90,000 HP has nearly 500 XP. Although it is not easy to kill one, it is still a good choice for gaining XP. Please be aware that the player from the opposite force can and will attack you on sight.

This news is translated from the article in 17173.

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