"Real Legendary Weapon" Appears in Blade and Soul KR 2.0

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I think you guys are familiar with the Legendary Weapon and the brand new weapon upgrade system in Blade and Soul 2.0 (White and Blue Mountains Update). Since 2.0 update set to launch, the Legendary Weapon can be upgraded to next advanced level with limit breaking items (like stone and weapon required). However, it is a hard task for most players because of a rare item, Gui Hun Gang(鬼魂钢). Gui Hun Gang has a very very very low dropping rate in an instance called “Nightmare in the Jaws of Death”(鬼门关的噩梦) and the item is not tradable! Recently, NCsoft just changed this item to be tradable and within a few hours, a player from KR server eventually grinded himself a “Real Legendary Weapon”, a Sword called as Tai Shan Zhan(泰山斩).

This player had an interview with Inven. Let’s know more about the process.

This player is a leader of a guild, playing Blade Master in game. He spent 100,000 gold for this " Real Legendary" Sword all together. 60,000 gold was for making a “Unknown Weapon” (无名武器) which was composed with the Legendary Weapon in 1.0 update. Then he spent 40, 000 gold for upgrading to Tai Shan Zhan(泰山斩).

To compose a “Real Legendary Weapon”, you need a Legendary Weapon in 1.0 version + a “Unknown Weapon” (无名武器)” + Gui Hun Gang (鬼魂钢) + 2900 gold.


How did the player get so much money in game? He had made seven or eight Legendary Weapons of 1.0 version and sold them out for money. After making out this “Real Legendary Weapon”, he only left 1300 gold. He now is even not thinking about making another one.

How did the player get Gui Hun Gang(鬼魂钢)? He had raided the instance, “Nightmare in the Jaws of Death”(鬼门关的噩梦), more than 200 times for the rare item. But he still could not get one. When NCsoft changed the item to be tradable, he bought one from ATM.

What is the states and buff of the Tai Shan Zhan(泰山斩)? How does the weapon work?

  • HP + 10, 000
  • Defense + 10,000
  • Blog +1500
  • Evasion +1500
  • Recover HP +2500 during fighting
  • Buff: reflect 500 damage 100% upon contact and reset all the skills' cooldown time after the buff.

This buff is very useful when surrounded by many monsters in an instance. The effect of resetting all the skills’ CD is also nice for PvP.

With level 1 “Real Legendary Weapon”, the attack is increased to 502.

This process was so harsh. At the very beginning, the player had no ideas on which items needed for composing and where to get the required items. He was very thankful to his friends of helping him raid the instance for Gui Hun Gang(鬼魂钢). He strongly advised NCsoft to improve the dropping rate.

In fact, this player did not overestimate the Legendary Weapon, but Supremacy Weapon (无上系列武器). Spending the similar amount of money, Supremacy Weapon’s attack state is higher than Legendary Weapon’s, which is very nice for players to level up. The only thing of “Real Legendary Weapon” appealing to players is the powerful buff. However, players usually lose confidence when grinding a Legendary Weapon.

What’s more, he hoped that the color of “Real Legendary Weapon” would be black. It would be cooler.

What I think? ---- How important to find the generous friends in game to help you!

Thanks Aspenach 's help in translation. Please go to his blog and check out the latest news and guide of BS CN version.

Source: Inven; DUOWAN

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