Blade and Soul CH Unveiled Main Storyline Preview Trailer

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New beta of Blade and Soul CH "White Blue Mountain" is coming with brand new gameplays, maps, equipments and storylines. And recently the CG trailer of its new storyline has been unveiled, let's see how Blade and Soul will rock us.

As the forth part of Blade and Soul storyline, it'll be an epic story with more ups and downs, and also the final stage for main charactor to finish the feuds with Qin Yijue. Our main character will follow the evil path and join the Empire Amy, get to the snowy Northern Wind Plain along with the army.


It's when Qin Yijue wasn't darkened yet.


The final battle between Qin Yijue and our main character.

You'll also learn that how Jun Moyan build the great Wind Empire by his own. And the identity of Nan Surou will be unveiled. What's more, the love story between Queen Nan (Nan Surou's mother) and Jun Moyan will be another hightlight of the storyline.


How did Jun Moyan and Queen Nan fall in love?

The storyline of Blade and Soul CH is quite different from Korea server, for devs have advanced the progress of China server storyline. It's very lucky of Chinese players to have a early chance to know the story.


New NPC Liu Tian

You may still have questions: How is the result of final battle between main character and Qin Yijue? What will the arusa in the dark do? These will be answered in the new update of Blade and Soul CH. Stay tuned to us for the latest new of Blade and Soul!

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