Blade and Soul KR: Slices of Watermelon Traded for Swimsuits?

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The swimsuits which I previewed couple days ago, just released for a limited time. From July 31st to Aug. 28th, players can get the latest outfit.

According to Duowan's report, there are two ways to obtain the outfit. One is by pying through the cash shop via 50,000 NC points (about 280 RMB, or 45 USD) and the other is by farming a lot of daily instances in the game. Clearing one instance will yield a player a slice of watermelon which can then be used to trade in for an outfit in the game. Players can get 21 slices of watermelon at most per day, while one swimsuit needs 150 slices. Therefore players can get one outfit if they work hard for 8 days.

Find out more details below along with a set of sexy videos and screenshots.



You can go to our Outfit Simulator page to find more costumes in Blade and Soul!


source: PlayNC; DUOWAN; GameMeca

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