Blade and Soul 2.0 the Toughest Instance, Snow Jade Palace Revealed

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Snow Jade Palace (I called it as Xu Yu Palace before), this is the 3rd heroic instance released for the recent White and Blue Mountains content update, for Blade & Soul 2.0. This is no doubt the toughest instance so far, with several harsh requirements needed to even enter.


First, players have to complete the daily quest to conquer the 2 prior heroic instances, Yeti Cave and Nightmare in the Jaws of Death (bosses seen below). Player will also need to equip at least the Yeti’s weapons in order to move to Snow Jade Palace. Another requirement is that player should reach Level 3 of Hong Mun Skill or Evil Skill. After the maintenance on July 31st, a buff called “Asura Scar Sustains” has been added to Level 1 of Legendary Weapon in 2.0 version, which is very important for this instance.

The Structure of Snow Jade Palace

Snow Jade Palace is divided into three areas. There are four bosses all together.


1st Area – Twin Giant Kids Bosses

Julia, a mysterious girl, will summon two giant kids, “Gold Kid” and “Silver Kid” to challenge the players at the first area. “Gold Kid” uses a hammer, while “Sliver Kid” uses an axe. Both of them have a wide-area of effect attack. During the fight with them, golden and silver powders will drop, which will add buff to the two bosses as well as players. The key to defeating the two bosses lies in the strange powders.


2nd Area – “Lightning Iluka”

Just like its name, Iluka has high HP and will attack players with lightning and sometimes summon several monsters to attack the players. If players are in the range of its electric blanket, they will receive very high damage. It is not good to go head on recklessly when players fight with Iluka.


3rd Area – Two Huge Birds: “Volcano” and “Glacier”

These two huge birds will take turns attacking players with fire and ice. In fact, these two birds are there to help the last boss, Asura recover HP.


Ultimate Boss – Asura

Asura used to be the prince of Stratus Empire. Since the country was destroyed, he became a Devil with the help of Julia. With the combined powers of fire and ice, Asura will cast Force Master’s and Blade Master’s skills.


New Outfits and Weapons dropped from Snow Jade Palace


Thanks very much for Aspenach’s help in translation. He did several wonderful blogs about BS CN version. Please check it out!


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