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Blade and Soul KR server recentely added a new outfit, swimsuits, into the cash shop, which costs about 45 USD. I find many players complained a lot about it.

I collect some voices from Blade & Soul Dojo.

Ryochan said: "when P2P games start to get flooded with event cash shop items, it's pretty sad. These should definitely be available through summer inspired quests... Something like a thanks for your continuous support."

Tashigi said: "They all look good, but I hate it when they do this kind of thing in a P2P game.
This stuff should be available in-game via quests or in some other method. But oh well, it's the world we live in now. "

However, nvsammy had different points of view. Here I share his/her insight of cash shop to you all.

I work as a designer in the games industry, so I wanted to share a little insight as to why this is case.

The big companies (Nexon, NCSoft, etc) are starting to realize that big-budget MMOs are not the most profitable product out there anymore. For a while, a lot of companies out there were trying to mimic the massive success of Blizzard's World of Warcraft. This is why there are so many WoW clones out there. If done successfully, they can generate a lot of revenue, sure, but they also *require* a *lot* of resources to create. This is a huge problem.

The new trend in gaming (in general) is a pretty massive shift towards mobile. In Korea specifically, nearly everyone has a cell phone, and over 60% of mobile phone users spend 3 hours *or more* playing mobile games (such as Ani Pang). These games take just a handful of people to make, yet if they are successful, can generate just as much short-term revenue as a massive MMO hit.

For example, Gungho - The maker's of the *hugely* successful Puzzle & Dragons mobile game, are averaging about $100m a month.

Now, if you're a giant company like NCSoft, you have two choices:
1) Continue *spending* that much money just making a game like Blade & Soul, and hoping it is extremely successful.
2) Start up a big mobile division of the company, and start spending a lot more time developing mobile games (read: The opposite experience of a game like BnS which we all love).

Financially, #2 makes the most sense right now. The only way they can even hope to compete and stay in the game is to look at additional ways to monetize the game. Expanding it to new markets is the first step to doing that (which they are doing, as china has potentially 10s of millions of users waiting to play it). The west would be their next most logical place to expand after that from a financial standpoint.

Let's also not forget just how hard it is for new games like BnS to even break into the Top 10 market share of PC Bangs in KR (granted, only 30% of KR players actually play from a PC Bang/Internet Cafe).


Other than LoL & BnS, all of those games on that list are really old classics. It's hard for new, big budget games to start trending well in KR. It's just many, many times easier to focus on mobile development going forward.

All I ask is that when you guys complain about P2P this, and F2P that, just remember that when you vote with your $ by not playing the game you actually like the most, they take that feedback and stop supporting it. Then they'll go make other stuff you won't like.


If you want to know more about Blade and Soul CN version, please check out Aspenach’s blog. He did several wonderful blogs about that.

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