Blade and Soul CH: New Class "Warlock" Character Select Animation Preview

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Recently, after we logged on Blade and Soul CH by some way, we'd found that there was a character information of new class "warlock" in the select animation set, even we could create a "warlock" character! But we failed to go further. Here are the screenshots of the new class "warlock".

(Thanks for Dojo's video source)

The warlock with daggers looks like a assassin, but their weapons are a bit different. And warlocks' weapons include iron chains, so that can be pulled back after an attack.


Male warlock


Female warlock

We also found that only Jin race was available to create a warlock, we thought the new class might be the unique class of Jin race. 


Failed to create the warlock...No no no!

I think many of you guys want to know the exact date of warlock's launching, but we have to wait until official announces this good news. Just stay tuned for our Blade and Soul warlock's latest news!

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