Blade and Soul 2.0 Wuji Weapon with the Highest Attack State 392

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Within two days after Snow Jade Palace instance launched, a player from KR server successfully crafted the first "Wuji" Weapon with an attack power of 392, which is the highest attack so far. This "Wuji" Weapon is a pair of fighting gloves for Kungfu Master, which was composed by a Level 10 Wuchen weapon and a Level 10 Asura weapon from Snow Jade Palace instance.

Before the introduction of this "Wuji" weapon, I would like give you a brief introduction of the weapon from Snow Jade Palace instance.

Once you defeat the final boss Asura, players will get a related box containing the weapon and Bo-pae plates. Here we call the weapon as Asura weapon. A Level 1 Asura weapon will have an attack power of 292, while a Level 10 will have an attack power of 352. It will cost a whopping 100,000 gold in game to craft a Level 1 weapon to the max level!!

Inven had an interview with the Korean player. Let's know more about "Wuji" weapon.

Its appearance is as the same as Asura weapon.

The Highest Attack Strength of a Level 10 Wuji Weapon is 392. Equipped with this weapon, the attack strength of the character is nearly 600.

Weapon Specifications:
Attack 392
Crit 266
Evasion 114
A chance to recover 70% of Chi during attacking
A chance to activate the buff during attacking

+ Attack 100
+ Crit 100%
Recover 10% of Chi after activating Crit
Disappear once the attack has been cast 5 times and reset all the skills' cooldown time after the buff. (This one is as the same as Real Legendary Weapon’s.)

"Wuji" weapon was composed by a Level 10 "Wuchen" weapon and a Level 10 Asura weapon.

Breaking Items for Upgrading to Level 5 "Wuji" Weapon ----
10 Advanced Blue and White Purified Stone (it costs 20,000 gold in game)
170 Luna Stone (3,000 gold)
600 Soul Stone (480 gold)
70 items dropped from "Nightmare in the Jaws of Death" instance (140 gold)
1,700 gold

If all the items and currency in-game are bought (with respect to the current cash to gold conversion) it will cost 200,000 gold, which is about 3,270 USD!

As you can tell, the huge investment of money and time to craft this "Wuji" Weapon is a big challenge to all players. The owner said that he felt happy that he stuck it out.

The player mentioned that the advantage of a "Wuji" Weapon is that you could hold the aggro of the boss, without the need to add skills that draw aggro from the enemies during instances. Comparing with the orange "Legendary Weapon" with great defense buff, the player preferred the "Wuji" weapon’s critical rate. (Legendary Weapon from 1.0 version is usually called the orange Legendary Weapon, while the Real Legendary Weapon in 2.0 version is called as the red one.)

To that player, it would be his greatest accomplishments in Blade and Soul. He was thinking of being a casual player with this most powerful weapon, enjoying the beauty of the scene and collecting all the fashions.

Thanks very much for Aspenach's help in translation. Please go to his blog for the latest news of Blade and Soul China version. It seems that Tencent is working hard! When is the OBT??

via: 17173; Duowan
Source: Inven

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