Blade&Soul New Trailer Revealed Several Classes' Advancements

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In the latest PvP contest on the Korean server of Blade & Soul, NCSoft released the second teaser trailer for the update “Wind” uncovering the new story. From the video, we can see that Blade Master, Kung-Fu Master and Assassin get their class advancements with more devastating skills.

Julia is combating at the beginning of this video, she summons numbers of spiders and use their power to attack. It’s really amazing. At the end a girl dressed in a pirate outfit is spraying bullets on the ship, while no words mentioned on her. She might be a new character or an NPC.


Set in an oriental fantasy world, Blade & Soul is an Asian martial-arts MMORPG in development by Lineage II development team, and the characters in this oriental style MMORPG are designed by the well-known illustrator HyungTae Kim. Interested players please stay tuned for more information.



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