Blade and Soul KR Tai Shang Men Event

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Blade and Soul KR server recentely held a living Skill Event - Tai Shang Men(太尚门) Celebration. This event will run from Aug. 14th to Sep. 11th.

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During the event, players can convert the bamboo leaf and the badge of Tai Shang Men to the Tai Shang Men Chest as a gift in the item converting system. You can get outfits, special Bo-pae or some other items from the chest.


Bamboo Leaf

All monsters drop bamboo leaves during the event.
The bamboo leaf can’t be sold and NPC belonging to any group won’t drop bamboo leaves.
Tai Shang Men Badge

Like other items, the badge also needs time during crafting and can be sold.


Tai Shang Men Chest


Special converted Tai Shang Men Bo-pae

Any level of Bo-pae can be converted.
The Bo-pae can’t be sold.
Players can obtain special Bo-pae. During the first two weeks, the Bo-pae which can increase HP is available.

Craft Tai Shang Men-exclusive Outfit
Top-class Tai Shang Men-exclusive outfit
The outfit can’t be sold

Craft Tai Shang Men-exclusive Headwear
Top-class Tai Shang Men-exclusive Hat
The hat can’t be sold

Paper slips from the renowned Tai Shang Men craftsman
A certain number of paper slips can be used to get the Tai Shang Men chest or Tai Shang Men outfits in the Fei Long Industrial & Commercial Department.

Effect of all races in outfits

  • If players craft the evolving stone during the event, the rate to obtain extra evolving stones will be higher.
  • Players can receive special rewards if they collect a whole set of Tai Shang Men-exclusive outfits.
  • Players will definitely get “unrevealed outfits” if they convert the Tai Shang Men-exclusive outfit, but the converted outfit will disappear. Therefore, you’d better keep it if you want to collect one whole set of Tai Shang Men-exclusive outfits.

Other events about living skills will be announced later. Tai Shang Men comes first. What will the next celebration be about? Let’s wait and see.

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