NCsoft Kicks Off New Season of PvP Tournament and "Blade and Soul Girls"

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NCsoft has kicked off the pre-season of Blade and Soul PvP tournament, and is calling for female players to audition for a position known as “Blade & Soul Girls”.


It's understood that this pre-season is prepared for Blade and Soul e-sports activity in the second half year, and it will last until September 3. The new rules of this competition will now be changed to a best of 3, with all character stats being similar to ensure the fairness.


NCsoft also announces that Blade and Soul update plans in the future, including the further adjustment of the balance between each classes, the 8th class, and new PvP system of 24-man team.

Besides, Blade & Soul Taiwan is preparing for its first beta next week.

Do you guys feel excited about Blade and Soul new update plan in the future? Hmmmm, hope this news may not receive more "Boring"s, lol. More information about Blade and Soul updates please stay tuned to our latest news!

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