Blade and Soul Esports NA Regional Championships Throw Down on Sept. 3

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The best North American Blade and Soul Esports teams will compete in the Blade and Soul Regional Championship at PAX West in the PAX Arena on Sept. 3. Matches will be all day with finals beginning at ~6:30 p.m. PDT. The winner and runners up of the tournament will – for the first time in Blade & Soul’s history – secure their invitation to represent North America against 16 other teams from around the globe to be crowned the best of the best in Blade and Soul’s World Championships.


After a dominant performance at qualifiers and the wildcard tournament, the top-seeded North American team Hurricane will be looking to secure their spot for the World Championships, but face stiff competition from other top seeds: Guardian and OuO.  Top finishers in the tournament will get their share of the $340,000+ prize purse raised by Blade and Soul fans via purchasing a special in-game item. The two North American qualifying teams will join European champions Bad Intentions and runner up xdddd at the World Championships in Seoul.


Blade and Soul PVP is a fast-paced competition between teams of three. Players have one of nine character classes available to them, each with their own unique playstyle. There are no auto-target player abilities, so a high degree of skill is needed to pull off the deadly combos that can quickly burst down opponents or lightning quick reflexes to escape and out-sustain enemies. 1v1 fights are straightforward affairs – two players enter, one player leaves. The 3v3 fights bring an entirely new level of complexity to the system as only one player is active at a time, but with a limited number of assists and tag-outs, a high degree of skill, strategy and communication is needed to outlast and outwit opponents.


The North American Regional Championship will be livestreamed on during the above time. For the World Championships, details and stream times are available here.

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