Blade and Soul KR Crafting Professions Limited Outfits Spoilers

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Did you check out Tai Shang Men Event at Korea server which players can convert the bamboo leaf and the badge of Tai Shang Men to the Tai Shang Men Chest as a gift in the item converting system, and get outfits, special Bo-pae or some other items from the chest.

How about other crafting professions? A player from Korea server just observed through the Client's Resource Tab to find out the other crafting professions exclusive outfits.

From left to right, the outfits belong to Gon male, Gon female, Kun, Lyn male. Lyn female’s is quite similar as male’s.


Gem Crafting/万金堂

Talisman Crafting/圣君堂

Potion Crafting/药王院


Steel Crafting/ 铁匠坊


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Source: This Is Game

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