[KR] Blade and Soul's Tower of Mushin Instance Gets New Content

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The Tower of Mushin is one of the famous solo end game instance in Blade and Soul. Now it is getting updated with new contents in Korean server!

According to Steparu's report, the upcoming new content introduces a lot of new crazy bosses shown below along with the notorious Night King (Yahwang) Yukson. This should be the 3rd update for the Mushin Tower. The new sections are accessible after clearing the seventh floor, from there players will be able to pick up a quest to move on to the next area and perhaps be given an option to skip straight to the 9th floor after clearing the instance once.

In addition, this instance has open seven floors in the 3rd CBT of China version. In Play Test server which recently launched, the level cap is only 36, which means the instance has not added into the play test version. I believe it is coming soon.  You can go to Aspenach's blog to know more about CN version.

The Tower of Mushin is going to be an endless tower with new solo content every now and then. I think NCsoft is taking a lazy approach for doing new content. I prefer to see a brand new one added into the game.

Below is a guide video about how to receive the quest to enter into the 9th floor. Hope it would be helpful for guys who are playing at Korean server.



Source: Steparu; PlayNC

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