Blade and Soul KR Mid-Autumn Festival Event - New Outfit and Hairstyle for Each Race

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It is time for Mid-Autumn Festival Event again. This year Blade and Soul Korean event is also holding a related event with new outfits and hairstyle for each race!

Date: Sep. 11th to Oct. 2nd, 2013

Event Gift Package: Different package for each week.

1st and 2nd Week (Sep. 11th to 25th)

3rd Week (Sep.25th to Oct. 2nd)

During event time, player can decompose the outfit which is not related to his character’s race to get Jujube for exchanging the related one.
One Event Outfit = 10 Jujubes


New Outfits for Each Race


New Hairstyle for Each Race

I really dislike the male’s hairstyle! :(

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