Blade and Soul KR Decides to Solve the Imbalance between the Classes Starting with Kong-Fu Master

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Recently, Team Bloodlust from NCsoft has an announcement that they are going to solve the imbalance between the classes based on all kinds of research and data of 2.0 White and Blue Mountains update in Korea server. The first class is Kong-Fu Master.

Kong-Fu Master’s performance in PvP and the arena in August are quite bad.

In Bronze, Silver and Golden, three lower rank teams of the arena, the percent of Kong-Fu Master is 12.7% to 19.1%, which is kind of an average.

However, in Platinum and Diamond, the two higher rank teams, the distribution of Kong-Fu Master dropped sharply. See two graphs below.

Team Bloodlust believes that the reason is that the counterforce of Kong-Fu Master is far less strong than that of other classes.

As to the winning percentage of Kong-Fu Master with other classes, please check out below.

Winning % VS
Blade Master
Kong-Fu Master
Force Master
Lyn Blade Master
Kong-Fu Master 52.40% 50.00% 28.50% 47.10% 41.20% 44.20% 43.10%


Team Bloodlust figured out that the new skills for Kong-Fu Master in 2.0 content are not very useful.

Therefore Team Bloodlust aims to solve those problems to increase Kong-Fu Master’s winning percentage in the arena by adjusting the skills and talent tree, and try to finish within October. As to other classes, they will keep on eyes on the situation of the 9th to 15th Tower of Mushin before make a decision.


Thanks Aspenach a lot for translation! You can go to his blog for more news on Blade and Soul China!


Source: PlayNC

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