Blade and Soul KR Legendary Accessories Come Out!

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We have known the Legendary Weapons a lot from 1.0 version to 2.0 version in Blade and Soul. Recently, KR server just updates the Legendary Accessories. Today I will have a brief introduction of the Legendary Ring.

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Here is the state of Level 5 Legendary Ring:
Attack 12
Critical 250
Critical Damage 12.01%
Hit 150

How to get the Legendary Ring?
One is to purchase from NPC shop. The price is 10,000 gold!
Another is to spin the Loot Wheel on the 7th floor of Mushin Tower by a special stone which is exchange by 10 Hero Seals and 100 gold. Well, it is not 100%. Good Luck!


A new item is also updated into Mushin Tower, a wine which can increase critical state.

via: Sgamer; 17173
Source: Chan 筱, a player from Korean server of Blade and Soul

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