Blade and Soul China: A New Coupon Option for Players (Point Coupon Bank)

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Tencent will be introducing the brand new 丰汇行 (aka the Point Coupon Bank?) to the China Server. (This item is entirely new as it is not available on the BNS Korean Server) This Point Coupon is sold in the Trading House in exchange for Gold. I believe the Point Coupon Bank will either be a stand alone page or will be a sub page within the Trading House.

The objective of the Point Coupon is to allow cash to gold transactions among players. The Point Coupon will ensure that each transaction can be safe, convenient and secure through the Trading House. Using the Trading House, the non-cash players will be able to use their gold to buy Point Coupons, which in turn can be used in the Cash Shop to enjoy the premium goods.



Point Coupon Buyer : You character will need to be at least level 16

Gold Buyer : Any character of any level can put up their Point Coupons for sale at the Trading House


Trading Process

For e.g. Player A decided to use 100 Gold to purchase a 10,000 Point Coupon. Player B decides to sell his 10,000 Point Coupon.

What proceeds is as follows, 10,000 Point Coupon will be removed from Player B and he will receive 100 gold for the transaction. 100 Gold will be removed from Player A but he will only receive a 9,500 Binding Point Coupon (Cannot be re-sold). 500 Points will be deducted as transaction fee. (Similarly to paying tax)


Basic Trading Ratio

As much as you like to determine how much you want to sell your Point Coupons, you can't. To prevent the unhealthy speculation of Point Coupons. There is a fix ratio of how much Point Coupon you can sell for gold. There will be a stipulated fixed exchange rate and the price fluctuations should not be more than 50%.

For e.g. Current exchange rate 1 Gold : 200 Point Coupon

If the player decided to sell 100 Gold, he will be receiving a variation between 10,000 to 30,000 Point Coupons.

Icon for the Points Coupon Exchange Rate


Once you open up this menu, there are various options at the side that you can select to view your last transacted ratio.

- Gold Bought

- Gold Sold

- Transaction History

Product List : You can view the current Gold to Point Coupon exchange ratio



1) So who pays the transaction fees?

Only the player selling gold would need to pay for the transaction fees.

2) How will the ratio be determined?

The exchange ratio will be decided by the game with reference to the economy system in game.

3) Is this Exchange Ratio the same across all servers?

No, each server will have its own unique exchange ratio with reference to the server's economy.

4) What is the difference between Binding Point Coupon and Point Coupon?

Binding Point Coupon is tied to a player's account and can be used by all characters within the same account. Point Coupon is a trade-able item that can be put up on the Trading House. Binding Point Coupons will also have some minor restrictions, equipment bought using Binding Point Coupons will not be allowed to "gift" to another player.


This system is a combination of Guild Wars 2 Gold to Gems exchange and the DNP (Dragon Nest Point) voucher in Dragon Nest. I think this system will do more good to the players than harm as it allows non-cash players to enjoy premium goods using their hard earned gold. As we know in every mmo, there are always farmers and cash users and this legal way of trading gold for point coupons will make it easier to fulfill the needs and wants of players from both sides. The exchange rate is fixed so there is no need to be afraid of gold sellers/buyers getting the upper hand. I have experience both systems (separately) before on both games and I think I will grow to like this Point Coupon system in Blade and Soul China. It is great that Tencent is willing to add new items to tailor to the preference of the local community and not just duplicating everything from the Korean Server. What do you guys think?

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