[Interview] The States of Level 10 Legendary Ring in Blade and Soul KR Is Awesome!

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The Legendary Ring “Destiny” was just updated into Blade and Soul Korean server on Oct. 2nd. Within one week, a player had made out one Legendary Ring. This player had an interview with Inven. Let’s check out the details of this ring and the crafting progress.


the Player’s Character

This player has been playing in Blade and Soul Korean server for 3 to 4 months with the first character as Summoner. Then he changed to Destroyer for easier leveling up.


The States of Legendary Level 10 and Level 5:

  Level 10 Legendary Ring Level 5 Legendary Ring
Attack 17 12
Critical 500 250
Critical Damage 17.1% 12.1
Hit 300 150


Comparing with other rings, the states of Level 10 Legendary Ring is so great. However, the player is not keen on the debuff effect. The debuff of this Legendary Ring is called as “Distracting Thoughts”. It has two types.

One is that it will delay the Rebirth buff of a target for 15 seconds when attacking.

The Rebirth buff is the buff of Real Legendary Weapon in 2.0 version ----

HP + 10, 000
Defense + 10,000
Blog +1500
Evasion +1500
Recover HP +2500 during fighting
Buff: reflect 500 damage 100% upon contact and reset all the skills' cooldown time after the buff.

For example, if the target triggers a level 9 Rebirth buff, while the Distracting Thoughts debuff is triggered at the same time, the Rebirth buff would disappear and not be able to reach Level 10.


Another typeis that it will do 10% damage of the internal force of a target which is needed for casting skills, only when Distracting Thoughts debuff reached Level 10. However, it is difficult for Distracting Thoughts debuff to reach Level 10. The player doesn’t think this type is useful in the arena or killing mobs.

Buff Effect

The cost for crafting this ring is about 170,000 gold, in which the cost of a key item, “Princess’ Bequests” is 100,000 gold and the enhancing and breaking fee is around 40,000 gold.

“Princess’ Bequests”

Breaking Items and Fee

The player is much obliged to the friends in the game who provided him the necessary items. He believes that more and more players will craft out their own Legendary Rings.

the States of the Player’s Character

Thanks very much for Aspenach's help in translation. Please go to his blog for the latest news of Blade and Soul China version. When is the OBT?? 

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Source: Inven 

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