Blade and Soul China: Equipment Growth System Part 2 - Re-birth Hong Mun Weapon

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Part 2: How to obtain the Re-birth Hong Mun Weapon (觉醒洪门武器)


Note : I have put the respective Hanyu Pinyin Translations within the article, this is to aid you in searching for the item in the Trading House in the future. The translated name sometimes sound a little weird, so I have taken the initiative to find a similar meaning to replace the word.


For e.g. 千魂武器 (Qian Hun Weapon, Genius Weapon), the first part are the Chinese words, Qian Hun is the exact pinyin words you need to type to form the Chinese words and Genius Weapon is a translated name that I came up with. Original translation is Thousand Souls, thanks to thesaurus. Hope this will help you guys recognise and remember the names better! =)


So what is this Hong Mun Weapon about? This is to date one of the strongest end game weapon on the Blade and Soul China Server. Must I get this? Not necessary, this will increase your stats but not to the extend of game breaking. Therefore, if you do not have the required resources or time, you can give it a miss.


1. When you received 洪门武器 (Hong Men Weapon, Hong Mun Weapon) from your main quest, do not sell them to NPC. This weapon can be “fed” and evolved to a larger form known as 觉醒洪门武器 (Jue Xing Hong Men Weapon, Re-birth Hong Mun Weapon).

“Ops, I sold it....” Well no worries, the first place you should look for is find a NPC. The NPC window will allow you to buy back what you have sold to him/her previously. If all else fails, you can always get the weapon again from doing the respective quests depicted below:


2. “Feed” all your useless weapons or equipment to the Hong Mun Weapon till it reached Grade 5 (Max level). Next, you will need a 千魂武器 (Qian Hun Weapon, Genius Weapon) and a 瘟疫武器 (Wen Yi Weapon, Scourge Weapon) and feed them both to Grade 5 (max level). Using the Genius Weapon, consume 御龙林毒液 (Yu Long Lin Venom, Dragon Forest's Venom) and the Scourge Weapon to proceed to Grade 6. Continue feeding the Genius Weapon to Grade 10 (max level). There is a possibility that you might fail during the Breakthrough Stage and Evolution Stage.


How to obtain the Dragon Forest's Venom?

By completing the daily quests of The Dragon Forest or killing the final boss 赤尾 (Chi Wei, Red Tail) from 绿明湖仓库(Lu Ming Hu Warehouse, Green Lake Warehouse) instance.


3. 御龙林进化石(Yu Long Lin Evolution Stone, Dragon Forest's Evolution Stone) is a required material to be used during the Evolution Stage of the Hong Mun Weapon. You can easily obtain the Evolution Stones by completing quests from the 百草居士 (Bai Cao Scholar, Herb Scholar) or through a secondary gathering and crafting specialisation known as (太尚门).


4. Finally, combine your Level 5 Hong Mun Weapon (max level) with the Level 10 Genius Weapon (max level) and the required Dragon Forest's Evolution Stone to obtain the Level 1 Re-birth Hong Mun Weapon (觉醒洪门武器).

There are no records of the success rates of this combination process. From the hassle that is required, I can safely say this is one of the end game elements in place to make sure we will grind alot to make these weapons. What do you think? Is this weapon merely a dream for non-cashers? Anyone from the Korea Server wish to share your insights and the time you spent to make one? =)


**Updated with Success Rate and Poll !**

The most pressing question in my mind has been answered. What is the success rate when we "feed" a weapon? According to the current Researchers (Play Testers) in game, the success rate of the "feeding" process is very high. In the event of failure:

1. Both weapons (the one fed and the one feeding) will remain intact

2. Only gold and other raw materials are consumed.


Below is a poll made by 1172 players for this system.

1. Absolute success rate : 91.41%

2. Feeding Process can fail, but the success rate has to be very high : 4%

3. Feeding Process can fail, but the materials consumed should be minimal/meager : 1.33%

4. Don't care : 0.75%

5. Acceptable system, it is much better compared to other mmo's enhancement system : 2.50%


For Part 1 of the Weapon Growth System, please refer to the link here.

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