Blade & Soul KR Update Lowers Difficulty on Esoterica System with Portable Wardrobe Added

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Blade&Soul KR server has made a preview for the upcoming expansion on Oct.29th which lowers the difficulty of the Esoterica System. What's more, the new function allows you to change your suit anywhere in the game! Let's check out the details:


First of all, it is about the update of the wardrobe. As a BnS player, I know you hate the limited size of your bag. You can't carry even more of your clothes to take the place of your bag. Now, the wardrobe will be by your side anytime and anywhere in the game! Can't wait to change your fashion immediately?

Secondly, the difficulty of the Hongmun Esoterica System has been lowered. This should be a good news for those who feel frustrated about learning the skills. All the needed elements such as the amount of the needed items or the learning time have all been lowered for players.

Third one is about the healing potions, antidote and foods being turning into big categeries so as to largly save the bag space. At the same time, the restoring power of the potions and foods are also increased.


More detail information about the update will be unveiled on Oct.29th, there will be some events for the wardrobe and Medicine Parlour update. Stay tuned!

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