Tencent (QQ) Account Identity Verification Guide

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According to China Internet Management regulations, it requires each player to do this identity verification for good gaming environment. If you are not over 18 years of age, it will have some restrictions when you play a game in China server. In brief, if you not pass this verification, you will not be able to play Blade and Soul as well as other Tencent’s games, like ArcheAge, Monster Hunter Online.


Please follow my guides. It is pretty easy.


1.Visit Identity Verification page.


2.Click the button on the left, and log in with your QQ number. You still don’t have one? Here comes the registration guide.






3.Click the link in the red rim to go to another page which allows you finish this verification with your passport number.



1>> Type in your Real Name in English.
2>> Pick the third one, Passport. Then put into your passport number. It is no need to put in your real passport number. You have better to remember what you has put in since it can’t be edited once you click the confirm button. This identity verification is very important when you want to reset your password or your QQ account is hacked.
3>> Choose your birthday – Year/Month/Day. Make sure that your “birthday” shows you are over 18 years of age already. Otherwise, you may have several restrictions in the game.
4>> Address – you can only type in your country in English in the blank.
5>> Confirm Button.


5. After clicking the confirm button, you go to this page which means that you have finished the verification. The sentence in the red rim means that you are over 18 years of age.



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