How to Active Your QQ Number for (29/10/2013) CBT of Bland and Soul China

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Congratulations! You are sooooooooooooooooo lucky to get an activation code for this CBT!

Please follow my guide to active your QQ account!

1. Visit the activate page on the official website, and log in with your QQ account! You still don’t have one? Here comes the registration guide.




1>> Plaster the precious code here.


2>> Choose one of three servers. The servers available are 电信一区, 电信二区and 网通一区. Once you choose one, you can’t change to other servers during this CBT, at least the first phrase of this CBT. According to the latest announcement on the official website, 电信一区 has not been activated since 15:00 pm, GMT +8. Because too many players chose this server. 电信二区 is also nearly full. So do not choose 电信一区 and activate your account as soon as possible. Another advice is that do not use Chrome to google translate this page, which the three servers will not appear!

3 and 4>> Type in the verification code on the right. If you can’t see it clear, you can click redeem_change_code to change for a new code. I always have to change several times. Who made this stupid thing? (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻


5>> Click the red button to confirm. Sorry, I forgot to take a screenshot of successful activation confirm window. However, if you see this picture below, it means that your activation code is invalid. You have to get a new one.


6>> You can click this green button to check out the activation status of your account. If you come across this window below, it shows that your game account has been activated in the server you chose. The four Chinese characters in the red rim is the server you had chosen.


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