Blade and Soul Enters Closed Beta 1 Tomorrow

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NCSoft has just announced that Blade and Soul's first western closed beta weekend is starting on October 29 at 10am PDT. If you have purchased a Founder's Pack, you will have immediate access into all Closed Beta Weekends. Meanwhile, the official team will also choose a random assortment of players who signed up on the game's website.

Blade & Soul

While Closed Beta 1 is only hosted on the NA servers, anyone who has purchased a Founder's Pack or receives a key can play! And the Closed Beta 2, which will start on Nov. 13, will open the EU servers for the first time. The official team also promised that they'll copy the characters' data on NA server to EU server when the Closed Beta 2 launched.

There are 4 more beta weekends to be launched soon, you can check out the official announcement for the details. A brand new When Heroes Rise trailer was also released today, just watch it below:

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