Blade and Soul China Play Test Server: VIP Member's Exclusive Content!

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This article is original from Aspenach's blog. Thanks a lot!

Straight after the patch, with my heart in my mouth i immediately pulled out the Cash Shop window and purchased a VIP Membership. Looking around the Cash Shop, I noticed that there are some new items! The first thing i wanted to check out was the Flying Animation. I looked around and looked for a higher platform and took off. meh... Is it me or is the difference in animation not that obvious? Video below:




The new costumes looks more exciting and I particularly like the black and green one. =D


A Member Exclusive Costume as seen below:

There are a few head dress that I did not took screenshots of as I thought they were pretty mediocre.
This costume reminds me of a particular costume in Guild Wars 2...


The Member Exclusive Page also includes cash healing pots that can instantly replenish a certain % of your health. I think the addition of colour and a bit of design to the name is neat. Other than that, members are also entitled to time exclusive content like this promotion below:

This is the promotion that I am talking about! 88 Cash points for a 神龙工商袋 (Dragon Business Bag)!! These babies are what you need to open up your inventory. This is way cheaper than the package of 10 神龙工商袋 (Dragon Business Bag) for 2,500 Cash points that is on sale at the front page. However, everyday the Cash Shop will only release 500 bags, so fastest fingers first... It was only up for 2 days and I missed it T_T, someone stab me please. The current promotion is some lousy, useless cash pots that replenish 60% of your HP instantly.


I have finally managed to hook up with a player by the name of Somus who is a Researcher like myself, currently studying in Canada.

I have recorded a video interview with him on his opinions on the game and how bad is the lag for him. I am still editing the video and will post it up before the end of this week. Foreign Players please stay tune! ^^



For more details about how to get the VIP Membership, click here.

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