Blade and Soul’s First Golden Harvest Festival Coming on November 8th

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Blade and Soul’s first annual Golden Harvest Festival will be held on November 8th.


The Golden Harvest Festival calls for all six Crafting Guilds to work together to craft the six items that are required to transmute the bountiful Thanksgiving Box. Six event items per day can be crafted by their respective Crafting Guild, and will require 2 normal and 2 premium crafting guild materials, plus a 1 gold crafting fee to start the order. In addition to crafting, you can also find one of each event item in certain dungeons daily quests that will allow you to transmute an additional Thanksgiving Box for the day.


If you’re lucky enough to get a Thanksgiving Prize Wheel Pouch from the Thanksgiving Box, windstride to Hogshead Hamlet in the Moonwater Plains region. Spin the Wheel of Fate using the pouch for extra rewards, including the new Revelry costume set found in the outfit box.


Arriving to the Hongmoon Store on November 15th until December 6th are two new seasonal boxes. The Plentiful Harvest Crate can be purchased with 139 NCoin or Hongmoon Coin, and introduces two new costumes, a new pet, and a new wing adornment. Details can be found on the official site.

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