Blade & Soul Next Major Update Launches Early Next Month

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The largest update to Blade & Soul since Silverfrost Mountains is arriving on December 6th. The new update, Dawn of the Lost Continent brings new abilities, new land and dungeons.

The Twilight’s Edge has been stolen by Mushin and Yura, with potentially world-shattering consequences. Meanwhile, Jinsoyun is still trapped in eternal slumber. But not all is lost as the recently captured Dark Vicar willingly revealed  a cure in the lost continent of Solak - a distant land twisted by Dark Chi. The lost Yun city of Valindria will be the only safe harbor and your next destination in Solak. The level cap increases to 55, including access to the new Hongmoon Ultimate Skills. These ultimate abilities come with a new resource bar that builds as players fight, allowing you to unleash a customizable attack of extraordinary magnitude once full.


Blade & Soul: Dawn of the Lost Continent will also introduce a lot of new high-level instanced content to let you test out your new level 55 skills and discover brand new treasures. This includes a new solo Heroic, Outlaw Island, two new 6-player Heroic dungeons - Hollow's Heart and Starstone Mines, and a new 12-player raid - Snowjade Fortress.

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