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Part I

Dungeons in Blade & Soul allow players to group up for challenging instanced content. From normal questing, daily challenges, or a desire to obtain a rare element needed to improve your weapons' power, you'll regularly be sent in to defeat a dungeon's denizens. Each dungeon is categorized by their overall difficulty: Normal, Challenging, and Heroic. These three designations indicate how well prepared you and your group should be before entering.

Blade & Soul

Standard 6-player dungeons offer a straightforward challenge for any group, but also allow for any number of players to enter—including the ability for particularly well-prepared and confident players the difficult possibility of soloing it. While it's possible to complete a Normal or even Challenging dungeon with fewer than all 6 players, a Heroic dungeon will almost always demand a full party to succeed.

Blade & Soul

There are also max-level 4-player versions of some dungeons; the 4-player versions are a separate and more difficult mode that can only be accessed by setting your party to 4-player mode (as opposed to the default 6-player mode). Aside from the increased difficulty of just having fewer players, the bosses do more damage, have more health, and have new mechanics you won't see in the normal 6-player version. This more difficult option also doesn't allow players to resurrect using Dragonblood and most indicators for enemy attacks have been removed. 4-player dungeons offer vastly increased chances at obtaining rare items for the vastly increased difficulty, and also contain some items that can't be obtained at all from the 6-player version.

Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul

To find other players to tackle either 6- or 4-player dungeons, you can use the same-server Party Finder ([F7] or via the Dragon Pillar in front of the dungeon entrance), or jump into the Cross-Server Dungeon system [F8]. Joining the Cross-Server Dungeon finder takes you into a new lobby where your character is shown among your other party members. You can join with any number of other people, or alone, and use it to fill out any remaining slots. You select what content you're looking to tackle—either 6- or 4-player, and what specific dungeon—and then the game will automatically find other players within your region that are also looking and meet your criteria. Being in the Cross-Server Dungeon lobby requires you remain there until your group is formed, but you do have full access to your server chat, as well as access to the Party Finder.

Blade & Soul

The Party Finder works a lot more like a notice board—you create an advertisement for the content you're looking to do, and other players can browse the listings and easily contact the person who posted it. The Party Finder is only viewable between players on the same server, and while it's a more manual process, it has some benefits due to being same-server only—like the ability to enter and leave the dungeon at-will, and to invite players in while the dungeon is already in-progress.

Part II

Classes in Blade & Soul don't take on traditional tank/healer/DPS archetypes, and instead each class has abilities that can avoid damage, recover health, and damage enemies. Instead of choosing a specific role, success depends on each player's personal ability to use the classes' skills to their full potential. While some classes are better suited to assisting the group compositions in different ways, all classes—and all players—need to be spatially aware of their surroundings, capable of avoiding damage through movement or use of skills, and outputting high amounts of damage to succeed.

Blade & Soul

Traversing a dungeon will generally include swathes of standard enemies you'll need to defeat to encounter a boss. While these will pose on a moderate challenge, the boss will include unique mechanics that test the coordination and cooperation of each group that attempts them. In the standard 6-player version of a dungeon you'll see warnings—telegraphs, as they're called—showing you where a boss is going to affect an area with damage or a debuff. However, in the 4-player version those telegraphs don't happen. You'll need to memorize and anticipate the bosses moves and reactions to your attacks in order to succeed. Boss mechanics, in either 6- or 4-player versions, will also sometimes include a need to interact with the environment, so keep an eye on your surroundings.

Blade & Soul

A yellow telegraph means the ability can be Blocked or Countered; a red telegraph means the ability will pierce skill-based defenses, so you should get out of the way!

Blade & Soul

Once a boss is defeated, you'll reap the rewards of the items and gear they dropped. The party leader can set the looting method based on minimum item quality—which can only apply to items below Heroic quality—as Round Robin, Free-for-All, Master Looter, or the default looting method: gold bidding. Instead of rolling dice to see who got lucky and wins an item, you instead bid for the items you want using gold. Everyone in the group has the ability to bid for an item, and bids happen in minimum increments until the timer runs out or everyone passes on submitting a bid. Once an item is won by a person in the party, the amount of gold they bid and paid for it is equally split among the other group members. Or, if no one bids, the item is destroyed, and the base sale cost of the item is distributed evenly among all party members. Even if you don't win the bid for an item you'll have received a portion of their gold to improve your bidding power on items in the future.

Note: Leaving the dungeon or taking a portal to the next section of the dungeon will forfeit your ability to bid, win an item, or receive gold from the winning bid.

By tackling the most difficult dungeons with friends, clan members, or by being paired with other players automatically via the Cross-Server Dungeon system, you can emerge victorious with new items, rare costumes, and a larger gold pile to take into the next dungeon.

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