Blade and Soul KR New Instance Divided Labyrinth Goes Live Today

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The official website of Blade and Soul KR version has released the announcement page for the new instance, Divide Labyrinth is alive in the game.
Here are some features of the new instance. Sorry, guys, it is translated from 17173, which some mistakes might be there.

Players have to use Qing Gong properly to go through powerful electric current and fire walls.
Mobs in the instance are random, which the attack routine and skills are different each time.
This instance is a labyrinth, a complicated map. Players have to pick up the right direction leading to the final boss.
A brand new instance mode ---- Let the Loot Wheel decide whether you play alone or team up with others.

Latest Blade & Soul TV is showing the cut scene of Divide Labyrinth.


Final Boss

Next page you will see the screenshots and new costumes.

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