Blade and Soul KR: Low Level Shaman(Warlock) Class Gameplay Video

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We've reported that Blade and Soul KR has launched a new expansion along with a new class Shaman(Warlock) on Dec 17th, and he/she seems to be strange to us so far, let's see a video of this class gameplay to learn more about it!


In this video, a Lv.21 Shaman has killed a dungeon boss in just 20 seconds, so amazing!

Shaman is the brand new class just appeared in South Korea, and only available for Jin race. Equiped with a dagger similar to assassin, this class makes use of dark magic, also can summon a dark spirit that will help in battle. This summon don't last for so long, but the reuse time is not long too, casting time is also short. You can throw your dagger and make distance attacks, since this class is ranged.


More details about Blade and Soul new expansion please stay tuned!

video source:rendermax

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