Blade and Soul Founder's Packs Available Now

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The NA/EU server of Blade and Soul is set to launch its Open Beta in January 2016. According to the publisher NCSoft, in this open beta, the level cap will be increased to level 45, with 7 professions and 30 dungeons available. This open beta will be available for the regions of England, France, Germany and USA.

Blade and Soul

If you want to try the open beta ahead of the others, you can now purchase the Founder's Pack. There are 3 kinds of Founder's Pack, which are Initiate Pack($24.99), Disciple Pack($74.99) and Master Pack($124.99). All these packs include the qualification of starting the open beta 3 days ahead. You can check all the other details of these packs on the official site.

Blade and Soul

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