Blade and Soul China: Changes to Instance Loots and Removal of Exorcism Talisman

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This article is original from Aspenach's blog. Thanks a lot!

The Exorcism Talisman System was first introduced to players during the 3rd CBT (that has just ended in July) and since then it has garnered an overwhelming negative response from the community. After the patch notes of the Boss Decapitation Mission was released, Tencent announced through Weibo (one of BNS marketing channels) that the Exorcism Tailsman System will be completely removed from the actual game.

With the Boss Decapitation Mission, players will now receive a Treasure Chest that requires a key to open.

Treasure Chest:

Keys to open the Treasure Chest

Dragon Forest Key (example)

Shiny Dragon Forest Key (example)

There are in total 3 type of keys that belong to Dragon Forest (御龙林), Desert (大漠)and Su-wol Plains (水月平原).

Players can use the respective keys belonging to the region to unlock the Treasure Chests. For example, a player can use the Dragon Forest Key to unlock a Treasure Chest that was obtained from an instance within the Dragon Forest. There are two versions of the key, Normal and Shiny.

Normal Key : The player will received a random equipment from the Treasure Chest

Shiny Key : The player will receive an equipment belonging to his/her class.


Where and how can I get a normal key?

1. Normal Key can be obtained through daily quests as seen below.

2. The player may also receive a key from the Treasure Chest reward from the daily quests.

3. Can be made from 万金堂 aka Wang Jin Tang (A secondary skill related to crafting and gathering)


Where and how can I obtain a Shiny Key?

1. Upon completion of special quests.

2. There is a chance that players can receive a Shiny Key from the Treasure Chests rewarded by the daily quests.


The 4 men instance will drop accessories, like Necklaces, Earrings and Rings while 6 men instance will drop weapons. The Bo Pae plates can be acquired by defeating the Boss or other minor mobs within the instance. Tencent has responded to the players pleas and decided to remove the Exorcism Talisman System, so now all equipment will be free of curse!

An official excerpt of the announcement from Weibo:


Is the Exorcism Talisman System really gone for good?

According to the Korean server, the Keys are a replacement to the Exorcism Talisman. We are not sure if Tencent is going to limit the usage of keys per day, but should a limit be imposed we could very well be back to square one.

An example of obtaining a piece of equipment:

After defeating the Pohwan instance, you will received a Treasure Chest. Using a key you unlock the box and received a random equipment. For players who are lazy, you can choose to buy it off the Trading House. If the equipment is something you can use, you will need to unseal the equipment using the Unseal Talisman. (To read up on the previous system of the Talisman)


Looking at the newest patch 2.0, I believe Tencent would not limit the number of keys usage per day as that would hamper the progress of players who are leveling. All in all, I welcome this patch with open arms and legs. The Exorcism Talisman is really hard to come by and with the need to use it for almost every piece of equipment, it slow things down to a crawl. Interestingly, Duowan and 17173 have titled the topic as The removal of Exorcism Talisman in the next large scale CBT (non-account deletion). Anyway that's all for me today and I will see you guys in the next few days! =)

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