Blade and Soul China: Crafting and Gathering - How Do We Level Up and What Is the Cost of Leveling up

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This article is original from Aspenach's blog. Thanks a lot!

This is a mini series where I discussed about in game systems that require your hard earned cash or in game copper/silver/gold.

As everyone is well aware, other than leveling your character, there is a crafting and gathering system known as 副职(Sub Professions)that requires your attention. So how do we level up and what is the cost of leveling up?

*I will not be covering in detail which Gathering or Crafting Sub Profession to specialize in this post. I am still researching and will provide more insights (hopefully) once I am more familiar. *

Let me begin by saying this system has changed since the 2.0 patch and raw materials have been streamlined to make gathering an easier task for players. Players begin by hunting for a specimen of the raw material and hand it to the NPC. Doing this will allow the NPC to lend his help to source for similar raw materials when you need them. From this moment, you can "delegate" (委托) the task of finding the raw material to the NPC.

Leveling Up

When you "delegate" (委托) the NPC to look for the raw materials, you will gain experience points in that talent. So the more you delegate the faster you level. You can delegate these tasks by standing in front of the NPCs or by pressing "L" if you are anywhere on the map, but here. Wow it’s so convenient; able to delegate tasks regardless of where I am? No, no this is a deathtrap and this brings me to the main focus of this article.


Cost of leveling up
So how do we level up? How much do we need to pay to level up a profession? I would say it will depend on which Sub Profession you are going for. When you are standing in front of the NPC to delegate a task, you can see that a small fee is required to complete the task (for e.g. 2 copper). The NPC will take a certain amount of time to complete the task and the NPC will notify you once the items are ready for collection. In short, you will require to pay 2 Copper to make a delegation and collect the items from the NPC ...............12 exp. Ok I will take that.

A clearer look at task delegation. When you delegate a task directly infront of the NPC :

When you delegate a task while not in front of the NPC:

As you can see if you arrow over the cost of delegating a task, you can see the breakdown of the delegation fee and the handling fee. A handling fee is needed when you are not in front of the NPC. The ridiculous handling fee is so much higher than the delegation fee!


So how do I collect the items once the task is completed? Let's have a look what happens when we collect the item.

If you collect the item from the NPC directly there is no additional cost.

Let's see what happens when we collect when we are not in front of the NPC...

Another example from another Sub Profession:


As we can see the price to collect the delegated items differ for each Sub Profession. What bothers me is why do we need to pay such sky high handling fees? To the extent that the fee is actually higher than the delegated items. OMG, we are talking about Fedex overnight service here! Do this a few times and you are on your highway to the streets begging.


This is definitely a flawed system that needs fixing and the reason why the cost needs to be reduced is pretty obvious. There is only 1 place early in game that houses all the NPCs of each Sub Profession. Once you leave here, there is a high possibility that you will not see your Sub Profession NPCs till later part of the game. For some Professions, it will mean tediously travelling to and fro between towns just to complete your tasks unless you are able to afford the premium courier service.


Recap of the new copper system in the Play Test Server :

The new economy system in game is such that you get the most of your returns from doing main quests, farming harder instances and completing dailies. All items that you loot will be sold at a flat fee of 1 copper to any NPC. This reduces the possibility of players amassing huge fortunes before they are max level.


With the new copper system there is no way anyone is able to cough out 29-39 copper just to do this simple delegation task. There are also times where I need to delegate junk just to level up because I need to collect a higher level specimen that is currently available in my area. (You are required to level your Gathering Profession to the required level to collect the respective specimen that is tied to the level) I can't help but develop a habit of finding myself appearing in front of the NPC whenever I need to delegate.


Every player can have up to 2 Gathering and 2 Crafting Sub Professions. Each sub profession requires you to level up in these identical ways, splurging copper, silver or gold. For players who do not farm a lot, it is advisable to proceed to max level before starting on these Sub Profession. So until further updates from Tencent, I will say no to Fedex. T_T.

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