Blade and Soul China: Equipment Growth System Part 1

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Blade and Soul China will be adopting the same Equipment Enhancement 2.0 system from BNS Korea. Weapons and accessories can “consume” other equipment to increase in level. The higher the level, the more powerful the item is. In the past, lower level-tier items are either npc or destroyed but now you can “feed” these items to your equipment to gain Experience Points for your “growing” equipment.


As part of the Equipment Growth System, players will use a primary equipment to consume other equipment. In this process, your primary equipment receives experience and increases in level. The higher the level the more powerful it gets.

So which equipment can grow in level? Any Blue-colour (rarity) equipment and above will be able to “grow” when they consumed another piece of equipment. Whenever an equipment is “fed” (by consuming another equipment) it will gain experience points. Every level there is an experience bar to indicate how much experience is needed for your equipment to proceed to the next level.

Blue-colour Equipment and above : Consumes EXP to increase in grades

Green-colour Equipment and below : Consumed as raw materials by Blue-colour equipment or higher.


Equipment will undergo three stages of growth, breakdown as follows:

1. Growing Stage (Grade 1-5)

Your equipment grows as you consume other equipment to gain experience and increase in grade.

2. Breakthrough Stage (Grade 5)

Once your equipment reaches to Grade 5 (max level), you will not be able to consume other equipment to level up. Instead, you will need to undergo a “breakthrough” process where you will consume a specific Grade 5 (max level) equipment to be promoted to Grade 6.

3. Evolution Stage (Grade 6-10)

Once your equipment reached Grade 6, you can continue to consume other equipment to level up to Grade 10. Once your equipment reached Grade 10 (max level) you will be required to consume another specific Grade 10 (max level) equipment to form a NEW EQUIPMENT at Grade 1.

How many times can you go through this process? Currently there are no news to confirm this yet so we will need to wait till OBT to find out.


Experience gained from Raw Materials

Green Equipment – A fixed amount of experience is gained whenever it is consumed.

Blue and Purple Equipment - Offers a fix range of experience points when consumed.

For example, the Green Equipment offers 5 exp, Blue Equipment offers 5-20 exp and Purple Equipment offers 10-50exp. Whenever a piece of equipment is consumed, the “lamps” will show you how much exp you received from the process. The more lamps the better!


Experience Boost Talisman

During the process of feeding your equipment, you can use Experience Talisman to boost the amount of experience received. The Experience Talisman will boost the minimum guaranteed experience received.


Warrior’s Soul

Other than consuming equipment to level up, you can also consume another item called, the Warrior’s Soul. Warrior’s Soul provides a lot of experience points to your equipment when consumed.

Warrior’s Soul can be obtained when you break down a Grade 10 (Max level) equipment. ==


Equipment Rarity breakdown as follows:

White – Normal

Yellow – General

Green – Superior

Blue – Advanced

Purple – Hero

Orange - Legendary



1. Can I use a Sword to feed a Necklace?

Yes you can.

2. Why can’t I feed my Sword from Su-wol Plains with a Sword from Dragon Forest?

You need the equipment to be from the same area. Equipment from different area cannot be consume.

3.  So how many times can a piece of equipment be enhanced?

Till date there has been no confirmation yet so we will need to wait for more information to confirm.

4. Will the Experience Talisman be available in the Cash Shop?

No news at the moment, but from where things are heading I believe it will soon be.

5.  What if I accidentally consume a Grade 5 (Max Level) weapon during the Growing Stage?

GG. Let us take some time to mourn for your loss.

The current system will just award you with the experience points according to the rarity of the equipment. Tencent has received feedback from careless players about this issue and will look into this matter.

6. Is there a possibility that this equipment consumption process will fail?

Yes, it can fail and when this happens both equipment will be returned to you but the Experience Talisman will be wasted instead.


This system is a money or resource sink for players who are looking at getting their end game equipment. This like the usual weapon enhancement system found in most ftp MMOs. The only grace saving thing is that the failed equipment will be returned to you. For players who have played the Korean version, is this game breaking? Does it give the cash rich players any absolute unfair advantage?

Hang in there guys, Part 2 coming right up…

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