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  March Update - Feel the wrath of pirates from Blood Shark Harbour


March Update Summary

The First Wave Update on March 11thnew

- New Guild System, Hongmen Ultimate Skill

- Skill Balance:

Destroyer (contributed by chaose5)

Lyn Blade Master (contributed by Kuroikanden)

Summoner (contributed by Hikari|TK)

Tencent Suggested Equipment for New Instance by Aspenachnew




10/2/14 Patch Notes to Reduce Weapon and Acc Feeding Requirement!

New Patch 26/1/14 - Change of Drop in 24-men and 6-men Pohwan

Pohwaran Instance Patch Notes and Events

List of Changes - Weapons, Accessories, Costumes

Pohwaran Bopae Plates Stats

Intro to Pohwaran + Suggested Paths for Completing Daily Quests

Events + Details of Pohwaran Instance!

How Should You Gear Up for Pohwaran Instance?

  Guides Center

Before entering in to the game - Registration / Accelerator / Account Safety etc

Latest: Blade and Soul: How to use Boosters For No Lag Play

1) Tencent Account Registration Guide (QQ account)

2) QQ Account Identity Verification Guide (Very very very important!)

3) How to download and install your Blade and Soul OBT Launcher

4) Xun You Game Booster + Xun Lei Game Booster

5) English Patch Guide for BnS CN

6) How to top up Q Points?

7) Newbie Guide - Quest FAQs

8) Fixing the Windows 8.1 Error



In the game


Damage Calculation Mechanics: Critical, Pierce and Defence

Damage Calculation Mechanics: Skill Board Damage Calculation

What Are Holy Ores and Soul Stones and How to Get Them?


1) UI Overhaul, UI & Settings Translations

2) Pin Yin Translation For Items, Basic Etiquette etc

3) Quest FAQ, Feeding Equipments, Bopae Selection

4) Feeding Low Level Rings Cost Effectively

5) Dungeons Guide

6) Sub Professions, Crafting and Gathering Guilds

7) Crafting Guide - Evolve Stone

8) Cash Shop Translation (update)

9) Setting up of Guilds and Recruitment

10) VIP Memberships - Which one is best for me?


Class - General Introduction by Brushy

1) Summoner - Skill Guide by thelazypudding

2) Assassin - Skill Guide by v2seraph

3) Destroyer - Skill Guide by chaose5

4) Force Master:

Skill Build by PvE(OBT 45 Cap) by Brushy

Basic Mechanics Explored by Brushy

Skill Build by Tiramisu via Aspenach


5) Blade Master:

Skill Guide by iPokey

Skill Destription and Build by Yaze

6) Kung-Fu Master

7) Lyn Blade Master


  Features on cBnS 2.0 Version

1) New User Interface

2) Skill Tree System

3) Point Coupon Bank

4) Item Conversion System

5) Inventory and Warehouse System

6) Equipment Growth System (Re-birth Hong Mun Weapon)

7) Crafting and Gathering

8) Changes to Instance Loots

9) Boss Decapitation

10) Boss's Skill Warning

11) Hearts System for 6-man Instances

12) Energy Point System

13) Qing Gong System

14) Bo-pae System

15) Doing Expressions and Actions

16) VIP Membership Details

17) Memeber's Exclusive Content

18) Differences between Blade and Soul China and Korea


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