Blade and Soul China: Instance Preview - Boss's Skill Warning

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This is an improved visual presentation to let you recognise the boss's skills and its area of effect better. Formerly, it can be pretty difficult to determine what the boss is casting just by looking at its animation and the special effects. (You know how messy it can be with all the visuals spamming your screen at the same time) It can be too late by the time you realised that you are in range of a fatal strike by the boss. Players used to learn the boss's skills the hard way by dying over and over again.

Previously, a similar visual presentation was used on the Pohwan Boss and it has been very well received by the players. Riding on its success, this visual presentation will be used across all the bosses to make it a much more enjoyable experience.


“Fatal Blow” Skill Warning (In simple terms, a warning sign for Boss's Fatal Blows aka Fatality XD)

When the boss is going to cast a high threat skill, there will be a different sound effect to alert the players first, followed by a notification.


“Area of Effect of the Skill”

Once the skill has been cast, you will see two circular markings for the area of effect. The larger circle indicates the maximum range of the skill while the smaller circle indicates where the skill originate from. The smaller circle will grow towards the larger circle as the skill is executing. The skill is completed when the two circles meet.


I think this is a very useful mechanism for new players especially for melee and tank characters. Throughout my journey in BNS I tried very hard to be a good tank, often dying many times to skills I didn't even see or realise that the boss is casting. Some of the animations are not very obvious and with all the fireworks going on its definitely not helping! I have tried fighting 6 man and 24 man Pohwan instance. Trust me you cannot see the boss. (LOL!)

As good as it gets, this funtion will not be available in 4 men instance. The game offers different tiers of difficulty to challenge the players, which I am very pleased with. They have the 6 men instance for slightly less experienced players, 4 men instance for more experienced players and very hard solo instances for players that wish to truly learn and excel in their class. The 24 man instance, hmmm... not really sure what its for.

Ok that was my time and I will be keeping my eyes peeled for more Blade and Soul news! Ciao~

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