Blade and Soul China: Inventory and Warehouse System

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Alright, I will be starting a mini series on this : BNS Getting your wallets ready, Ka Ching!. Nope, I didn't get to join as a Researcher on the test server but I have gathered some info that would be relevant for you guys who are as crazy about Blade and Soul as I am. Today we are going to have a look at the inventory system. There are 80 slots of Inventory Space in total (10 rows by 8 columns)  and I am going to share with you how to unlock them. UPDATED with price for warehouse slots.

Warehouse Price is updated! (Boy, they are expensive!)

As you can see from the image, the first two rows can be unlocked using copper and silver. From the third row to the fifth row, you are required to use 神龙工商袋 (Shen-Long Business Bag) to unlock. At the 6th row, a required amount of 神龙工商袋 is needed to unlock per slot. Per Slot! Boy that escalated quickly... Currently, players are not able to unlock warehouse spaces beyond the 6th row. (I will do my best to keep my warehouse usage to the 5th row. Anything else, I will wait for promotions. Through my experience in CBT, this is actually enough.)


BNS 1.0 Version : Inventory Space is unlock one row at a time. To unlock the rows, you will need to pay in game gold (I mean gold, silver or copper) and the amount of gold required ranges from very high to ridiculously high!


BNS 2.0 Version : Inventory Space is also unlocked one row at a time. The First five rows you will be using in game gold (same as above) to unlock them. However when you reach the six slot, you are required to buy this item from the cash shop known as 神龙工商袋 (Shen-Long Business Bag = WTF?) to unlock the remaining rows. Each rows required a different number of 神龙工商袋, please see image below:


A closer look a the item:

6th row:

7th row:

10th row:


Hmm, how much 神龙工商袋 do you need in total? You will need a whopping 85 神龙工商袋, which translates to $36 USD Ka Ching!

So is spending cash the only way to obtain 神龙工商袋? Nope, remember the Point Coupons explanation in my previous thread?

You can spend gold to buy (Binding) Point Coupons which can be used to purchase 神龙工商袋. Depending on the economy, the conversion rate will be different in every server so we won't know till then. I am already planning on making at least 2 characters, and if I decided to purchase the inventory slots using cash, I will be easily spending $72 USD just on inventory space alone... (Ouch! So darn expensive) Anyone wanna be be my sugar mummy?


After playing the 3rd CBT for a good 2 months, I can frankly tell you that you need all the inventory slots you can afford. Gathering, crafting, healing potions, experience potions all take up space. Not to forget the gems, and extra equipment. There are actually 2 tabs within the inventory space, one for costume and one for other items. Let's hope that when you unlock a row, it also applies to the costume tab as well. Else GG... T_T Not to forget, we have a warehouse page which requires you to unlock the slots as well. TS of the thread did not discuss about the warehouse slots so let's just keep our fingers crossed.


This pricing structure is still subject to change (hopefully for the better) but I hope this gives you a starting idea of how much to set aside for this game. Tencent is making the game free to play and this is the first step to encouraging players to spend. Will you spend the cash or would you rather farm the gold to afford the inventory space? This series aim to address the costs involved in playing the game so you can make a sound decision before you hop onto Blade and Soul China.


Wanna know how Point Coupons work and how you can use gold to purchase Point Coupon? Click here.


Many thanks to Chinese Researchers :

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