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New updates from Blade and Soul China again! Today we have the new Item Conversion System. Formerly, any item that is useless to us we will usually just sell it to the NPC or if its valuable sell it in the Trading House. However, with this new system you are able to transform what you no longer need into something else. Read on to find out more...


As you know, this is part of the 2.0 System that was patched into the Blade and Soul Korea server a while ago. 9 New costumes were introduced together with this Item Conversion system. The way to obtain these new costumes is very interesting. Instead of buying off the cash shop or obtaining from NPCs, players are required to disassemble their current cash costumes (Costumes that you buy off the Cash Shop). After disassembling the costume, the player will get cloths and using 4 cloths, 5 Spirit Stones and 5 gold one will be able under go a Conversion Process to get a Costume Package. (Actual items required to be confirm by Tencent again) The Costume Package will hold one of the nine costumes.


Item Conversion Process:

1. Open the inventory window to access the Conversion Option (变换)

2. Slot in the necessary materials


3. Pray hard

Please be reminded that this Conversion Process does not bode 100% success.
In the event that the Conversion Process fails, you will get 1x Cloth instead.

Out of the 9 costumes, there are some that can be worn by all races and some which aren't. Costumes obtained this way are binding to the player. The name of the costumes that have been released are :

Moonlight (All race),

Grassland Male (Gon Race) / Grassland Female (Gon Race)

Little Prince (Lyn Race)

Little Princess (Lyn Race)

Black Secret (Jin Male) - Can be worn by all races

Red Secret (Jin Female only)

Vermillion (Kun Race)

Other than Costume, you can convert other items too!


Gem Conversion
You can combine lower grade gems to convert them into higher grade ones


Notch Pieces to Tool Conversion

Notch pieces can be obtained through normal quests can be converted into Notch Tools.


My only complain is why restrict to Cash Costumes only? Depending on the success rate, this can be a money sink for players who try all ways and means to stand out from the pack. If I am not wrong, cloth obtained from disassembling cash costumes can be traded in the Trading Market. As the rest of the item conversion system i think its a good to have but not a must have. Anyone has any insights to share?


This week has been a busy week for Tencent, there are updates by Tencent almost every other day. I will do my best to translate the content as fast as possible. =)

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