Blade and Soul China - The New Energy Point System

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(活力值 Energy Point System)

I believe a lot of players who have been following the updates Blade and Soul would have realized that one of the key differences between the Chinese and Korean version is the Energy Point System. The objectives of the system has been highly debated and discussed, whether this system is here to stay or would be removed during OBT remains yet to be seen.
In summary
There is a limit to how much experience you can gain everyday. Once your Energy Point reaches 0, you will not be able to gain any more experience for that day. Everyday, the system refreshes your Energy Value at a stipulated time, buying a VIP pass will allow you to speed up this refresh process by a little.

How to replenish your Energy?

Your Energy will be restored everyday at 6am GMT +8. Unused Energy will not be carried forward to the next day unless you have selected the option to "stored" before 6am.

Example of your current Energy Value and Experience required to reach the next level.

example of energy value


How to store your remaining Energy Value

What consumes Energy Points?

Energy is consumed whenever you hand in completed quests or fight mobs.

What happens when my Energy Value becomes 0?
Once your Energy Value has reached 0, you will still be able to do your quests but you will not be able to hand them in. No experience will also be gained when you kill mobs but you will still receive gold and loots.
*An example : If you have only 1800 Energy Value and your quest requires 2000 Energy Value to complete, then you will need to wait till the next day to complete the quest.*

P.S. Energy Value only affects experience gained and not loots or gold. So you can still farm for gears and gold but not gain any levels for your character.

What is Stored Energy?
You can choose to stored up unconsumed Energy that you can’t finish using today for tomorrow. When that happens, your stored energy becomes a boost to your experience gained tomorrow.
e.g. : If I stored 50% of my Energy value today for tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, as I start consuming my first 50% of my Energy Value, I will gain 200% experience instead of the usual 100%.

An example of using stored Energy Value from the day before


What I think:
I personally like this Energy Point System alot, as it can help me save time on levelling and pace myself in this game so that I don't feel I am too far away from the pack. As a grown up gamer, I only get about 3-4 hours of gaming time in a day (except weekends).
I have just level my first Blade Master to level 45 (max level) yesterday and I would like to share with you my experience. Throughout my misadventures as a HongMun disciple, I completed most side quests in the game but I don't usually grind at any specific map unless for some needed equipments. At level 43, I found myself reaching the end of the main story line. From there onwards, it was pure hardcore grinding. From the looks of it, I am still a whopping 230,000 exp points away from level 45. I had to slaughter a battalion worth of spiders, along with its extended relatives to finally reached the level cap. == *At level 44, I could grind endlessly for 5 hours before my Energy Value is up.*

Tip I learned:

Always remember to "stored" any Energy you can't consume by today till tomorrow. It will make levelling a lot more pleasant.

You may also obtain one of these Experience Booster to help you gain more experience when you level. This item can be made if you choose to specialise in medicine or you can just buy it off the Trading House.


Added 30day VIP Membership for all to consider:

- Your display name will have a different colour. (Gold, I think)
- While in recovery mode, you will only need 15s instead of 20s
- Increase 100% of your stored Energy Value
- Additional 5% more health when you consume healing items
- Increase 5% of your total health
- Increase 5% of your defense
Please feel free to correct me if there is anything I missed out.


As we are drawing near to the end of this CBT, I will try to consolidate all the information about the game so I can provide foreign players who do not understand Chinese an easier approach to Blade and Soul.

Next thursday (25th of July) is an exciting day for Blade and Soul fans! Tencent will be bringing 7 games to showcase at ChinaJoy2013, including Monster Hunter and Blade and Soul. ChinaJoy is like the E3 for China and the large scale gaming convention will be held in Shanghai.  Everyone is excited to see if they are going to release a date for the next B&S CBT or OBT. I will be updating my blog once I received the latest news to keep you guys informed.

Thank you for your support so far, and I appreciate all replies and opinions.


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