Blade and Soul China: The New Hearts System for 6-man Instances

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As one of the highlights of Blade and Soul, a lot attention has been given to instances. From the early days of 4-man instances to 6-man instances, this new patch will now allow users to revive on the spot. The main purpose of this heart system is to prevent players from dying off too early in an instance and getting carried all the way. This new Heart System will make the instance more forgiving for less experienced or casual players.

So what is this Heart System?

The Heart System allows you to instantly revive from where you died, leaving you the hassle of returning to the entrance of the instance. On a 6-man instance, players can "charge" up to 2 hearts before entering the instance. This is not applicable for 4-man instances. Any unused hearts will be deleted when you leave the instance.


How do you charge the Hearts?

You can charge up your hearts at a NEW Dragon Pillar just outside the instance.

To charge up the hearts, you will need Spirit Crystals (image below). Depending on the difficulty of the instance, different amount of Spirit Crystals are needed.


So how does the Red Hearts take effect?

When you health reaches 0, the red hearts will be immediately activated. One heart will be consumed to instantly replenish you to full health, clearing any status on you.


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